Welcome To The Geneva Lakes Antique & Classic Boat Show Registration Page

Welcome to the Registration Page for the 2024 Geneva Lakes Antique & Classic Boat Show brought to you by the Blackhawk Chapter of the ACBS. The show committee is excited to bring to our membership and guests the show this year. The team has worked over the past 12 months to bring our show back after a brief hiatus during the pandemic years. This year we are back on track with the Estate Tour and Welcome Dinner on Friday evening follow by the show on Saturday and Sunday.

This is also an exciting year as the Village of Fontana On Geneva Lake is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The Village was incorporated in 1924 and they have been celebrating their centennial all year. The show committee is pleased to have the support of the village and the contribution that village of Fontana has made to support the success of this event.

The boat show runs through 3:00 p.m. on Sunday. Each year we have many spectators who attend the boat show on Sunday afternoon expecting to see the full line-up of boats on display. Therefore, participants are asked to leave their boats in the water (and land displays intact) on Sunday until 3:00 pm when the boat show officially ends.

Please include a short description/history and picture of your boat. We use this information in the boat show web site.

Assigned slips for registered boats are available after noon on Friday. There are no open slips available for temporary docking prior to noon on Friday. All slips are pre-assigned before and during the Show. Launching times should be Friday starting at noon or Saturday 7:00am-10:00am.

Space is limited. All registrations are on a first come / first served basis. Reservations deadline is September 8th.


People’s Choice &Captain’s Choice awards will be presented at 2:00pm on Sunday. No other awards.


Estate Tour – Tour three estates by boat aboard historic Geneva Lake tour boats, followed by lunch at the Lake Geneva Yacht Club

Reception & Dinner –The Friday evening reception will be held at the new home of Dana & Patty Mecum.The estate is absolutely amazing, 33,000 sq.ft.with several accessory buildings and landscaped terraces overlooking the lake.

Boat Parade - A highlight of our show every year is the boat parade Saturday at 4:00 PM. Boats will proceed out of the harbor pass under the bridge go north up the west shore.


Please make hotel reservations directly with The Abbey Resort at 800-709-1323 or online here Abbey Resort, use promo code "BOATSH" for group rates. You must identify yourself as a participant when making the reservation in order to receive the Boat Show rate.

There are 2 ways to register for the boat show:

  • Download, print and mail in copy of the registration. Download Printable Form
  • You can fill out the form below and register online.

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