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Antique Utility

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1936 Sunflower Boat Works Deluxe Guide Boat - 'Elsa Dee'
Owner: Don Bergman
Home Port: Lake Tomahawk, WI

The Elsa Dee is a c. 1936 20' Guide boat.  She was built by The Sunflower Boat Works (prop. Fabian Woodzicha) on the shores of Tomahawk Lake in Oneida County Wisconsin.

The Sunflower Boat Works began building boats in 1914 and continured until the mid-1960's

Elsa Dee is poewerd by a Gray Marine Phantom 4.

The boat's restorarion was completed in 2016.  She is mostly iriginal. The only replace wood componenets are: 2 stringers, 11 ribs, keel and floor.  The hardware and running gear are original.  Upholstry is patternd from original.

The Elsa Dee has spent its entire life on the miocqua chain of lakes.

She is owned my Don and Bonnie Bergman of Lake Tomahawk, WI.

Classic Cruiser

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1954 Shepherd Hardtop Cruiser - 'Swing'in Shepherd'
Owner: Gerald Petersen
Home Port: Elkhorn, WI

Only 24 ft Hardtop Shepherd in active use, original V-8 Hemi, crank up side windows, multiple award winner, heavy duty trailer, performs well on multi-day cruises, more info at www.rareshepherd.com

Classic Runabout Under 21'

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1948 truscutt Commander - 'Roots'
Owner: James Wilkin
Home Port: Chicago, IL

Very rare, one of the last boats built in St. Joseph Michigan

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1947 Century Sea Maid - 'Zip-a-dee-doo-daa'
Owner: Gary Conger
Home Port: Green Bay, Wi

This craft from Norton Boat Works at the 2012 Geneva Lakes Antique and Classic Boat Show. It was chosen the best Century at that show and also at the 2013 show. Joe Norton located the craft in Iowa and completely rebuilt it and installed a new Mercury 3.0 135 HP engine. It was completed just 2 weeks before the 2012 show.

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1947 Christiansen Aqua-Air Car - 'Aqua-Air Car'
Owner: Paul Miller
Home Port: Elburn, IL

Brainchild of Philip Christiansen, the boat was designed with an airplane engine and propeller to power the boat that looks like a P-40 Warhawk fighter. This a patented one off built boat. Should be ready for the show.

Classic Utility 21' & Over

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1962 Shepherd 120-s - 'His Bad Habit II'
Owner: Peter Mueller
Home Port: Lake Forest, Il

The last 24 ft. Shepherd built. Original custom work includes: Mahogany drop-leaf table, directors chair, liquor cabinet, ice box, Mahogany ceilings, and twin V 8's instead of the usual 6 cyl. Chryslers. With the exception of a new bottom this Shepherd is all original.

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1949 Chris Craft U-22 Sportsman - 'Sweetie'
Owner: Christopher Fox
Home Port: Bonita Springs, FL

Hull # 1359 , Restored and beautiful.

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1952 Chris Craft Holiday - 'Lucky Penny'
Owner: Keith Pozulp
Home Port: Williams Bay, WI

The "Lucky Penny" is a 1952 23' Chris Craft Holiday with the original MBL engine, original chrome hardware, and mostly original woodwork. The 23' Holiday was built between 1950 and 1953 and the "Lucky Penny" is 1 of 88 ever built with it being hull number 86. A complete restoration was first started in 2004 by the Fox River Valley Boat Company and she is still maintained by Tom Wagner and his crew. In 2014/2015 the hull and topside was stripped of all varnish, caulk and paint and 8 to 12 coats of new varnish was applied along with new caulk striping on the bow and underside painting and detailing. Over the years we have been diligent in keeping the "Lucky Penny" as original as possible to get a true feel for what boating was like 65 years ago. Now she spends all of her time cruising the beautiful waters of Geneva Lake from her home port of Williams Bay.

Classic Utility Under 21'

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1961 Century Resorter (Jet Drive) - 'Wicked Wood'
Owner: Pat Wichman
Home Port: Carpentersville, IL

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1955 Chris Craft Sportsman Custom - 'Phil"s Woody'
Owner: Phil Olson
Home Port: Palatine, IL

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1957 Chris Craft Continental - 'Birchwood '
Owner: Karen Birch
Home Port: Barrington, IL

This boat was purchased new in February of 1957 by Karen's late parents, Robert and Maxine Birch, of Griggsville, IL. Her dad became a Chris Craft dealer in 1956 and Karen has his original franchise certificate. This boat is all original and Karen has the boat's original order form, invoice, service manuals, prop, fenders, hand spot light, ladder and water skies that her dad used. Her dad's captain hat sits so proudly on the boat's dash. Karen uses one of the original canvas boat covers that had never been used and was being stored in her dad's attic. This boat spent most of its time on the Illinois River in central Illinois where Karen has great family memories. The last time the boat was in the water was in the summer of 1978 on the Mississippi river. Since then the boat had been sitting on her original cradle and boat trailer in a machine shed on the family farm. In May of 2010 the boat was transported by flatbed to McHenry, IL where it was completely restored by Fox River Valley Boat Company. The boat was never named so Karen choose "Birchwood" in memory of her late parents. Karen's late parents are always with her on this boat and this boat is a constant reminder of how wonderful her parents were and the fabulous childhood they gave her.

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1956 Chris Craft Continental - 'Cool lady'
Owner: Michael Motherway
Home Port: Northbrook, IL


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2013 Glen-L Design Gentry - 'ATTITUDE'
Owner: Craig and Vivi Smith
Home Port: Clinton, IA

The build was finished in 2013 after nearly two years with many challenges and sleepless nights. This boat has given us more pleasure than we could have ever hoped for.


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1966 Lyman Sportsman hardtop - 'FREEDOM'
Owner: Andrew j Kubicsko jr
Home Port: Lake Geneva, WI

Fully restored to its original condition Documented the last 28' Lyman ever built.


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Owner: Robert ODay
Home Port: Cary, IL

This is what I call an “Oh by the way” boat. Four years ago we were in the market for a 60’s vintage outboard motor. We located one in suburban Milwaukee and drove up to take a look. The motor was great and we agreed to buy it and then the “Oh by the way” came up – Oh by the way if you want the motor you need to take the boat and trailer as well! At first glance this boat would never see the water again as it had a nice hole in the hull and delaminating wood. On the way home all I was thinking about was how could I turn it into a bar? Well after getting it home my ideas went up in smoke, as after my son Mitchel, our neighbor Andrew Vogeler and I looked it over, all we would need to do is make the hull repair, varnish and paint and we would have a good all original user boat. So, after a winters worth of work, another wood boat got added to the collection.

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1958 Shell Lake Rocket
Owner: Dan Callahan
Home Port: Rockford, Il

Built in Wisconsin, the Rocket was designed to be the ideal boat for all-around family fun, with its futuristic deck, fin styling and flared bow design. Unique to this boat is its tri-lateral rear seat pattern with step-through front seat. With its two tone paint the Rocket epitomizes the 1950's post war culture.

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Owner: Moss Cartwright
Home Port: White Pigeon, MI

Right after world war II Captain Steve Smith, a p-40 pilot in the south pacific, needed something fun to do at his family's lake house in upstate NY. He bought a little 1947 12' Trojan hot shot cottage racer. The new boat was named Lil' Suzy same as his p-40 . He also applied the trademark Flying Tiger shark teeth. Being a fighter pilot instilled aggressive tactics and during Captain Smiths famous last race, he took out three boats with his "wake of death". that stunt got him banned from racing. Following the loss of racing venues, he rolled the boat in the barn where it sat for fifty years. not till he passed away did anyone ask whats' in the barn.. in the corner was Lil' Suzy..

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1960 Chetek Princess - 'Why Not'
Owner: Ronald Campana
Home Port: Thomson, IL

My 1960 Chetek Princess, Model 184, has the original Johnson 75 horsepower V4 outboard motor.  The boat and motor had been out of service and stored in a Fulton, IL garage for 26 years before I purchased it in June 2013.  The last time the boat was in the water was 1988.  I started the refinishing process in the fall of 2013 in my garage.  I stripped the bottom and sides to the bare wood, re-screwed the bottom, and used epoxy to fix an area that had roller damage.  The sides were painted with two coats of  special white paint, and the bottom was painted with two coats of copper bronze paint. The motor need a general tune-up and general maintenance work after sitting for 26 years.   New interior cushions were made along with a matching convertible top and towing cover. 
   My Chetek boat was made in a factory in Chetek, Wisconsin.  The factory operated from 1946 to 1964 when it burned down.  I have spent more that 200 hours restoring my Chetek to nearly original condition, and I enjoy taking it to Midwest boat shows. I'm really happy with how my Chetek turned out, since this is my first wood boat restoration.  I am proud that I received 2nd place in the outboard category at the Fox Lake Boat Show this July.


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2009 Streblow Sport Utility - 'Rodan'
Owner: Ken Rodeck
Home Port: Fontana, WI

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1978 Streblow Runabout - '"FIRE ESCAPE"'
Owner: Leonard Bonnevier
Home Port: Oak Forest, IL

Originally built in Kenosha Wisconsin, by the Streblow Family in 1978 and purchased and operated on Geneva Lake by the Schriber family until we purchased the boat in 2001. After we purchased the boat, we did a light refinish on the exterior and totally replaced the interior, no mechanical work outside routine annual maintenance has been required. The boat was never named under the Schriber family ownership, so I thought long and hard as to why I have this boat and finally came up with an appropriate name. After a 36 year career in the Fire Department, the name "Fire Escape" seemed to fit the bill. Now she sees continual service all summer long providing my wife and I along with family and friends the pleasure of crossing the waters of Geneva Lake in a true classic boat.

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1998 Streblow Runabout - 'Golden Girl'
Owner: Colin Taheny
Home Port: S barrington, IL

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1997 Streblow Cuddy Sport - 'Jean Marie '
Owner: John D. Simms
Home Port: Lake Geneva, WI